Why blockchain technology?

With blockchain technology, we can ensure and certify that a document or dataset existed at a particular point in time. Democracy anchored generates a unique cryptographic hash, or “fingerprint” for each result submitted by a witness and records it on the blockchain. At any point in the future, the authenticity of the recorded results can be proven.

Every hour, all results are bundled and again recorded on the blockchain. You can view the data here, verify the blockchain anchoring, and view the blockchain receipt.

On SettleMint's involvement

SettleMint provides the technological tools and blockchain integrations leveraging their CertiMint.com product in this application. It handles the anchoring of the individual pictures taken of the results and secures the counts on multiple blockchains to ensure a maximum of security.

To learn more about the toolkit SettleMint provides for implementing Blockchain technology in a practical way for governments, ngo's, and enterprises, take a look at https://settlemint.com or send us an email at [email protected]

Please note that SettleMint has only provided the technology and has no influence nor control over the witnesses and the data they enter into this applications

Hourly proofs and downloads of the entire result set: